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04/29/2012  Brother Sonny Nugent  "The Power of Hope"

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04/25/2012  Brother Justin Montpelier / Brother Cotten  "Clean Up, Get Ready to Ship Out"

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04/18/2012  Brother Phillip Wollerson  "A Product of my Heritage"

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04/18/2012  Brother Richie Dunn "Shout it Out"

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04/04/2012  Brother Darrell Floyd  "The Horn is Full Again"

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04/01/2012  Brother Darrell Floyd  "It's Time to Break Out"

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04/01/2012  Brother Darrell Floyd  "Once I Could and Would Not, Now I Could and Can't"

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03/28/2012  Brother Darrell Floyd  "As a City Without Walls"

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03/25/2012  Brother Darrell Floyd  "There is a Wedding Day Acoming"

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03/21/2012  Brother Darrell Floyd  "From Nothing to a Boat Load"

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03/18/2012  Brother Darrell Floyd  "We Cannot Deny It"

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03/04/2012  Brother Steve Carson  "I Will Not Be Denied"

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03/03/2012  Brother Steve Carson  "Prayer Still Changes Things"

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03/02/2012  Brother Steve Carson  "Being Desperate for Jesus"

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02/28/2012  Brother Justin Leyva  "Goodbye Ishmael, Hello Isaac"

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02/28/2012  Brother Curtis Coleman  "Somebody Else's Prayers"

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02/26/2012  Brother Clay Hutto "You Can't Stop This!"

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02/20/2012  Brother Justin Leyva  "Seeds of the Supernatural"

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02/19/2012  Brother Eric Day  "The Call of the Intercessor"

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02/14/2012  Brother Justin Leyva  "Prayer That Will Activate the Miraculous"

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02/12/2012  Fear Not - Brother Cecil Grantham

Fear Not

02/07/2012  Residual Miracles - Brother Justin Leyva

Residual Miracles

02/06/2012  When Enough is Enough - Brother Justin Leyva

When Enough is Enough

02/05/2012  Brother Darrell Floyd  "It's Time for Some Restitution"

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01/22/2012  Brother Darrell Floyd  "If I'd Only Knew"

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01/11/2012  Brother Curtis Coleman  "Living a Surrendered Life"

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01/08/2012  Brother Patrick Wollerson  "Mercy"

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11/06/2011 Brother Darrell Floyd  "Resist Him"

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10/05/2011  Brother Richie Dunn - I Refuse to Just Sit

I Refuse to Just Sit

09/18/2011 Brother Darrell Floyd - It's Time for a Name Changing

It's Time for a Name Changing

09/11/2011  Brother Richie Dunn - Let Me Tell You Who Jesus Is

Let Me Tell You...

09/25/2011 Brother Greg Cutrer - How Long Is the Night

How Long Is The Night

08/30/2011  Brother Darrell Floyd - We Have No Excuse

We Have No Excuse

08/29/2011 Brother Darrell Floyd "By His Grace Are We Saved"

By His Grace...

08/28/2011 Brother Darrell Floyd "What Happens When You Leave Your Altar"

...When You Leave Your Altar

Brother Darrell Floyd preached an awesome message 08/23/2011.

"Cursed With A Sound Mind" is the story of the rich man and Lazarus

unlike I have ever heard it told before.  Brother Floyd does not

step back from what the Lord wants his people to hear!

Definitely a sermon to give you something to think about.  Click the link below:


Cursed With A Sound Mind

08/22/11 Brother Darrell Floyd 

Can These Bones Live

08/21/2011 Brother Darrell Floyd "What Has You Bound, and Are You Sick of It?"

What Has You Bound

07/31/2011 Brother Darrell Floyd  


07/27/2011  Brother Mark Powell "Women's Glory.  Why we don't cut our hair."

Women's Glory

07/24/2011 Brother Jason Randall "Promise"


07/20/2011  Brother Mark Powell  "Holiness in Dress.  Why do we dress modest?"

Holiness in Dress

05/22/2011  It's In My Blood - Brother Justin Leyva

It's In My Blood

05/21/2011  You Will Not Have My Dream - Brother Justin Leyva

You Will Not Have My Dream

05/15/2011  The Anointing - Brother Justin Leyva

The Anointing

05/14/2011  The Missing Element - Brother Justin Leyva

The Missing Element

05/10/2011  The Price of Being Reluctant - Brother Darrell Floyd

The Price of Being Reluctant

05/01/2011  How Bad do you Really Want it? - Brother Darrell Floyd

How Bad do you Really Want It?

04/30/2011  God has the Power to Change Your Life - Brother Darrell Floyd

God has the Power...

04/13/2011  The Most Blessed and Tried Generation - Brother Allen Hatten

The Most Blessed...

03/13/2011 Brother Steve Carson

Unconquered Territory

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