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04/05/2012 The Crossing of Ford Jabbock

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03/11/2012  Eleventh Hour Labourers

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02/12/2012  Events of the Evening

Events of the Evening

01/29/2012  A Stubborn Mule and a Great Oak

A Stubborn Mule and A Great Oak

01/22/2012  Our Help In Time of Need

Our Help in Time of Need

01/15/2012  What's in Your Run?

What's In Your Run?

11/20/2011  Who Brought the Baskets?

Who Brought the Baskets?

10/09/2011  What I Was:  Now What I Am

What I Was: Now What I Am

09/28/2011  What Is Your Desire

What is Your Desire

09/11/2011  God's Plan for Man

God's Plan For Man

09/04/2011 "A Working Well But a Broken Dipper"

Working Well, Broken Dipper

08/14/2011 "Good Wine is Still Being Served"

Good Wine... Being Served

06/05/2011  The Rod of Deliverance

The Rod of Deliverance

05/01/2011  Tithing (taught with Brother Poole)


04/17/2011  At the Right Place, but the Wrong Garment

At the Right Place...

04/10/2011  The Morning Has Now Come

The Morning Has Now Come

Older sermons are listed below in alphabetical order.


Attached To Revival

Belief Is All You Need -Bro. Cotten

Bound by Spirits Part 1

Bound by Spirits Part 2

Faith Part 2 - Brother Cotten

Get Them Praying

Get Up or Hush Up

God Is Choosing His Army

I AM a Friend of God

Look Up and Lift Your Head-Bro. Cot

Post Symptoms of a Deadly Disease

"Who Are Ye" - Bro. Cotten

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