Brother Poole's Sermons

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Pentecostals of Wayside were blessed to have the Reverend Norris Poole as one of their Shepherds from 2005 until August of 2016.  Brother Poole was in tune with God, and was always a shining example of what a Godly man should be.  He gladly gave his all for his family, church, and church family.  His anointed teaching, preaching, and singing will be greatly missed here on Earth, but we know that Heaven gained an amazing angel in their choir.  Sister Poole stood by him, as well as her church family, during his illness.  She was a rock behind Brother Poole.  Wayside loves and appreciates Sister Poole very much!

04/22/2012  Allelujah We Made It

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04/15/2012 An Invitation to a Banquet

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04/11/2012  What's Fixing to Happen

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03/14/2012  Setting Our Eyes on the Giver

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03/11/2012  We Are Getting There

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03/07/2012  God's Eternal Pattern for Salvation

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03/04/2012  The Testimony of Adversity & the Conditions that are Conducive to Revival

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02/19/2012  Our Treatment of God & How it Affects Him

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02/05/2012  A Woman Called Wisdom

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02/01/2012  Who Can be Taught?

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01/25/2012  Devil, Is This All You've Got?

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01/18/2012  The Kingdom of God and All it Entails

Part 1

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12/21/2011  There Had to be a Christmas for There Had to be a Cross

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12/04/2011  What Are These & Whence Come They?

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11/30/2011  Working Out My Own Salvation

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10/30/2011  Trying to Get and Keep People Rapture Ready

Trying to Get....

10/26/2011  Earnestly Contending for the Faith Once Delivered Unto the Saints

Earnestly Contending....

10/19/2011  Somewhere Between the Sea and the River

Somewhere Between....

10/16/2011  Lord:  Where?  When?  What For?

Lord: Where? When? What For?

10/12/2011  Examining the Feelings and Emotions of God

Examining the Feelings....

10/05/2011 The Only Bible Some May Ever Read

The Only Bible...

09/21/2011 Spiritual Necessities

Spiritual Necessities

09/11/2011 What will we be when?

What Will We Be When

09/04/2011  An Heir to The Commonwealth of Israel

An Heir...

08/17/2011 "The Consequences of Obeying or Not Obeying God's Voice"

The Consequences....

08/14/2011 "He In Us and Through Us Can do Everything"

He In Us....

08/10/2011 "An Impossible Union"

An Impossible Union

08/07/2011 "God's Eternal Plan of Redemption"

God's Eternal Plan of Redemption

07/27/2011 "This God, His Names and Titles"

This God

07/24/2011 "Who is this One"

Who is this One

06/05/2011  The Real Mark of Identity

The Real Mark of Identity

05/25/2011  The Law of the Harvest - That's Just the Way it is

The Law of the Harvest...

05/18/2011  Even so Come Lord Jesus

Even so Come Lord Jesus

05/15/2011  Elevated Places With God

Elevated Places with God

05/08/2011  Our Virgin Mother

Our Virgin Mother

04/27/2011  Out of the Dust Again

Out Of The Dust Again

04/20/2011  The Kingdom of Heaven, What it is and Where it is

The Kingdom of Heaven...

04/17/2011  "NOW" I Will Turn Aside

"Now" I will turn aside

04/10/2011  Why We Must Persuade Men

Why we must persuade men

04/06/2011  Red Flags of Alarm

Red Flags of Alarm

All of the sermons listed below are older sermons listed in alphabetical order:

Holy Boldness, Humble Courage

What Will I Say, What Will He Say?

General Instructions - Godly Living

The Church The People

From Out the Temple Under the Altar

Abraham Heard, Saw, Said-Bro. Poole

Eternal Reason For My Hope

Urgent Call toSpiritual Progression

Faith Part 1 - Brother Poole

God's Divine Order...

God's Higher Purpose

Holy Passion, Magnificent Ambition

In the Storm,In His Will-Bro. Poole

Is Your Name Still In The Book?

James 4:1-2 - Brother Poole

Just a Taste/Glimpse, Just Enough

My Right ...Tree of Life-Bro. Poole

Making of Fortune Pre-Sermon

Places Of Eternal Decisions

Psalm 19:1-26

Son of Man - Son of God

Symptoms of a Deadly Disease

The Makings of a Fortune-Bro. Poole

The Utterances (Tongues) of God

The Wear and Tear of this World

We Need toSee the Unseen-Bro. Poole

What Are You In Pursuit Of?

When Kingdoms Clash - Bro. Poole

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